Cappadocia’s cooking tradition comes from the produce growing in the area. Local crops are potatoes,lentils,squash,wheat,chickpea and beans.Grape molasses are widely produced and consumed in Cappadocia.In many villages food products for winter are prepared in summer.Some preparations are boiled bulgur, grape mollasses ,drying fruits and vegetables( kak). Another preparation is bread in thin sheets and pickle making.

Grapes and “pezek” are common authentic pickles. Earthenware pots and and the tandour are most important cooking utensils.

Enjoy a private and intimate experience as a local family welcomes you into their home for a cooking class. Interact with the family while learning how to cook traditional Turkish dishes like Manti and Sarma. Prepare a meal that highlights the region’s fresh, seasonal ingredients and then sit down with the family to enjoy your creation. Whether you’re traveling individually, as a couple or with friends or family, you’ll surely enjoy this unique cultural experience in Cappadocia.

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Enjoy Turkish Cuisine in an authentic Cappadocia environment.